Free text searches can be performed by entering key words like 'ATP liver' in the text field. This will retrieve all entries containing the search terms (also if only appearing in the publication title).
More sophisticated searches can be performed using the 'Advanced Search' tab. learn more

Advanced Search

  • enter search term(s) as free text (like Google)
  • press 'magnification glass' to start search
  • search results will be displayed below (scroll down ↓)
  • select entries (mark checkboxes)
  • if you want to export data, click the checkbox for each entry and finally click on the symbol in the upper right corner to proceed
Overview   (go to Help / Information)
Highlighted Data:



SPM full matrix


Color Scheme

PC, SPM: color by axis


Parallel Coordinates (PC)
Scatter Plot Matrix (SPM)
Select/highlight the subset of the data on one of the graphs. Number of highlighted data and the used attributes are visible on the top right side of the visualization tab.
By clicking on "Add Selection to Search" search is performed applying the selected criteria (highlighting) on the resulting data, thus refining the search.

The graphs can be manipulated and the data highlighted in the following ways:
Overview of the resulting data is given in the heat map:
* Sort per column (upwards, downwards) by clicking on the attribute's title, hold the "shift" key and drag the column to rearrange columns.
* Show/hide columns using Visible Overview Axes.
* Highlight individual values by clicking.
* Highlight ranges by brushing (range of the sorted column, marked with a green line).
* While brushing, the thin green line (extending from the thick one) shows the full range of the selected categories.

Parallel Coordinates (PC):
* Sort axis by double clicking on the axis title, rearrange axes by dragging.
* Show/hide axes using Visible PC Axes (maximum 7 in addition to the Index axis).
* Highlight ranges by brushing on different axes (more ranges on a single axis are possible).

Scatter Plot Matrix (SPM):
* Show/hide attributes (numerical ones) using Visible SPM Axes.
* Highlight range by brushing on one of the scatter plots.
* Histograms show the attribute value frequency (divided into 10 bins/columns).
* Full SPM matrix can be shown.

Additional Information:
* Highlighting data entries on one of the graphs highlights the same data on all other graphs.
* Details about selection can be viewed below in the Brush Info section.
* Reset highlighted values by using "Reset Highlighting".
* Index attribute is only the sequential numbering of the result and cannot be used for further searching.
* Different color schemes for the graphs can be selected.
* Which attribute is used for coloring PC and SPM axes can be manually selected, otherwise it changes upon sorting columns in Overview.
* Screenshots of the produced graphs can be downloaded together with the solr search expresion.
* Overview currently shows maximum 10000 data, PC and SPM maximum 300 (to not over clutter).
Brush Info