Computational data in SABIO-RK


In February 2014 SABIO-RK started to include in silico data from computational models. The search can be defined by selecting the filtering option "BioModel".

Data are uploaded via SBML format and linked to the original source e.g. BioModels Database.

Signalling data in SABIO-RK


With the release 2013_08 it is now possible to search SABIO-RK for kinetic data related to signalling reactions. You can either search for participating molecules, a signalling modification or a signalling event. Naturally, any other search possibility is also supported as for the metabolic reactions.

SABIO-RK tutorial at ICSB 2013


A SABIO-RK tutorial will be presented as part of a full-day tutorial workshop on September 4, 2013 following the ICSB conference in Copenhagen (Denmark).
Detailed information can be found at the conference homepage:
ICSB workshop programme

UniProt links to SABIO-RK


Starting with the release 2013_03 UniProtKB contains cross-references to SABIO-RK within "Enzyme and pathway databases". Currently, 2983 UniProt accession numbers link to kinetic data in SABIO-RK.

UniProt release 2013_03

Export kinetic data to Excel


Export your selection of entries as Excel or as *.tsv files. Which columns of this data you would like to export is up to you!

SOAP web services closed


We stopped supporting our SOAP web services. Please use the RESTful web services to access SABIO-RK data!

More details about how to use the RESTful web services are explained here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!