EnzymeML in Nature Methods


A Paper about EnzymeML serving as a seamless communication channel between experimental, modeling, and publication platforms published in Nature Methods. SABIO-RK integrates kinetic data from the EnzymeML data flow.

Lauterbach S, Dienhart H, Range J, Malzacher S, Spöring JD, Rother D, Pinto MF, Martins P, Lagerman CE, Bommarius AS, Høst AV, Woodley JM, Ngubane S, Kudanga T, Bergmann FT, Rohwer JM, Iglezakis D, Weidemann A, Wittig U, Kettner C, Swainston N, Schnell S, Pleiss J.
EnzymeML: seamless data flow and modeling of enzymatic data.
Nat Methods. 2023 Feb 9.

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